Thursday, August 21, 2014

# mind over matter?

for some reason aku sebenarnya ada list of story to share cuma again aku baru tau rupanya exxon boleh bukah blog kahkahkah
but then definitely la tak boleh selalu kan...
I just started my 3 weeks here in exxon mobil
so far things are okay and run as what I wanted
last 3 days ago aku agak sakit kepala yang agak kuat
and aku rasa nak pitam
what I do is to request an early leave
did one UPT at home and I think I'm pregnant :D
yet something happen today
after 3 days knowing that I might be carrying my second one..
aku macam bleeding pagi tadi masa nak mandi and solat subuh
I have no idea yet what is that blood all about
which I pray and pray there's nothing serious about this
aku akan visit doctor after work.
rentetan cerita my second pregnancy will be posted very soon.
kali ni lebih senang nak share sebab aku dah jotdown day and date sebab each date and day ada cerita nya sendiri.
till then ladies,
22 Aug 2014

# yo LV

wahh Ogy ada banyak handbag LV kan? macam macam design ada. suka nya aku tengok!
haa yes she did have a collection of LV. dari tote sampai wallet dia ada.
that's cool
 yaa, that's cool if you like the brand. do you like LV? do you buy LV?
me? no..
why? too old for you?
aahahahha no la. not because of too old for is too expensive for me.
aaaah, okay. I don't really like branded handbags and wallets. enough of having a handbag that would cost me around 300 max.
aaaah, okay :)
moral of the story new colleges are cool.
happy Friday ya'll!