Thursday, August 28, 2014

# bed rest

I went back to the clinic again
Since I just saw a drop of blood during pee
It does makes  me  worry

So singgah klinik famili today
Jumpa Dr. mohammad dan isteri
They explain things and now I am listening it right like totally listening now

When  doctor ask you to bed rest 
He or she does really meant it trust me
Meaning to say that...
They really want you to stay in bed and have a nap all day long 

And so...when  I had my bloodspot back
They asked me again
Do you really bed rest?
Which come to an answer of ya ya but not really
I have spend my day off with tons of activities and it is eating me back now 

Doctor sudah warning 
Let say if I am bleeding again and my medicine habis yet masuh bleeding
They will send me for warded
Masa dekat hospital you kencing atau you berak semua atas katil 
And masa tu you akan betul betul hargai what I mean by bedrest

Okay doctor
I noted this kali ini
Have a blissfull bedrest to me! 

Jumpa lagi!