Monday, September 1, 2014

# talk

I have something to say
I am thinking of quitting
ok..can I know why?
things are just not been good in here anymore
in what sense?
insurance coverage.. I'm still waiting for our medical card
they seems silence after I started asking few months ago
once said they are working on the card to arrived in Dubai
once said no news yet
I am quite disappointed  I must say
I wish we could go to kpj under this coverage even I can pay that myself but what is it worth it when they don't even cover anything for us?
it seems nowhere as for now
I've been here for 1 year and half
no one start asking and discussing about my salary increment
I understand that sayang. it's okay. we can work on that.
so..when shall we start selling your cv? :)
not yet..just wait until I am home for this trip and we can discuss this again. can we?
sure thing :)
just make sure you'll be with me in the labor room.
I'm not going anywhere until you do..inshaaAllah.
I love you
I love you more..