Thursday, April 27, 2017

Sale sale sale

Saja nak bising sebab nak bagitahu

Sekarang tengah ada sale dekat mothercare from 28th till 1 May.

At the same time minggu ni ada homedec expo di kl convention center

Siapa free takde plan, boleh jalan jalan tengok design and deco

Tengok lampu, tengok set bedroom etc

I am alone to work today, I give sophia one day off due to her last day with poksu at home

Next week poksu dah start work sementara cuti semester ni so poksu akan duduk rumah angah (makngah sophie)

So... weekend bila poksu cuti jela boleh lepak.

Kena la bagi chance anak dara tu spend masa lebih ngan poksu takde nanti dia rindu  🍃🍃🍃

Mami Mirah

Hair and Skin


I have been looking for few brands that can really help me on maintaining my hair volumes, if it can help me to make it even thicker then that would be much much better!

I have a WhatsApp group (which is a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant) group that was suddenly discussing about hair lost issue.

it became a hot topic that day, and ramai yang suggest macam macam benda termasuk la hair tonik, syampoo, hair serum etc.. it doesn't really caught my attention on the first place because I used all that. and I don't really see a significant changes on my hair

sad but true yeah its true,

but one thing that really interest me was this one kakak who introduced her hair supplement, and yes it was a hair supplement, something that you need to consume instead of just spraying it on your hair or rubbing it on your scalp.

so she show us her supplement which was from 21st century hair supplement (couldn't remember the name) but I take a look at this supplement today and it cost about rm33 / bottle.

I buy this supplement before but end up not even taking it (even one single pill to try)

why? only God knows how terrible lazy I am

suka membeli tapi makan tak tahu bila

sampai la ubat tu expired makan diri sendiri

so today, I decided to try. any supplement that can really boost the hair growth.

and I found this...

the name is Growning Glory Extra. it cost about rm115 at guardians, so those yang nak cuba boleh beli this dekat Guardians ya

I mark my calendar that I start consuming this from today and will be finishing this after 89 days from now, and I hope I really eat all of it!

other than hair supplement, I also get myself a vit E for skin supplement.

rasanya bulan April ni adalah bulan berbelanja untuk supplement haha

it is from GNC and this is cost about rm 145. so siapa nak cuba also boleh beli dekat Guardians ok. I will start consuming this tomorrow,

coming up soon I will reveal my meal replacement regime, some people really make it as meal supplement but for me, I am just looking for a supplement that keep me energize and not sleepy all day haha!


nanti kita review apa hasilnya dengan supplement di atas ni dan supplement yang akan di share nanti,

all and all, akhir sekali kena cakap la pada diri sendiri

"semoga berjaya mirah"

mami mirah

The promise

well hey

as promised

I have promised here that I will paste the meal plan so called that I don't believe what Sophia was saying earlier..

and this is it.


this meal plan was made for kids from 2 to 6 years old

and since Sophia is 6 then this is her meal plan too

you see.. as she mentioned, memang all week she ate chicken and rice, haha!

when I received this food schedule, teacher ada mentioned that they don't usually gave kids dory or any other fish sebab ada kids yang tak tahan dengan fish and dorang akan kena gatal gatal

and that's why, chicken is the safest and the easiest food on earth to serve!

mami mirah

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Meal Plan


Harini sudah khamis, I feel sooo good haha! 

Harini I want to share about meal plan. This is not my meal plan but this is Sophia meal plan at her school 

You know... every day when I fetch her from school and I asked her .. so what do you had for lunch at school and she keep answering me it's 🍗 chicken and rice 🍚 

Honestly I am okay with the answer but I really want to know is it really everyday you had chicken and rice ?? 😏

So what I did? I text her teacher and asked her Sophia meal plan. and I received it! And guess what? Memang she ate chicken and rice! Everday! Cuma bezanya she doesn't know to tell me that today it's soy sauce chicken ami... yesterday was chicken soup 🤣🤣🤣 

Will paste her meal plan later because I use my phone and the image wasn't link with my phone (don't ask me why,I just don't know) haha 

I got it now. Sometime, just trust your kids says, they always telling you the truth! Haha 

Mami Mirah 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017



Apa maksud atas tu? 

The cold pressed juice haha 

The reason why i am talking about this cold pressed juice is because i am about to change my drinking regime 

From caffeine to no caffeine konon nya (which i dont know how long is this going to last, haha!) 

and i have been in love with this so called cold pressed juice drink 

Sedap dan so far tak sakit perut 👀

Tapi macam biasalah kan 

Bila dah start buying this kind of drinks of course la terpikir apesal la aku tak buat sendiri je 

Juicer ada pi buat sendiri 

Kalau kopi tu lain la u need to brew it dan kerja nya banyak so layak la beli je 

Is it worth it buying juicer and make the juice yourself or keep buying? 

Bukan sebab apa ni. Takut juicer dah beli tapi lepas tu niat tu terbegkalai begitu sahaja dan makin lama makin penuh barang dalam dapur je 

I know myself better than anyone else so i have doubt in doing and making juice sendiri dan konsisten hmmmm

Will see for how long am i going to drink this healthy juice , sebab diri sendiri pun tak pasti hahaha 

Have a great day people! 

Mami Mirah 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Fun day Tuesday

just because harini dah selasa and we skipped monday and I didn't realize that, it makes this day fun, boleh tak cakap gitu?

It is fun but when it comes to sophia school day then this will be a bit stressing. 🙄

My daughter sophia loves school. But she hates morning. Because as explained by her therapist, she is totally not a morning person. This get me tested until i became a mommy monster, like seriously, can I just stop getting mad and jadi monster because this really can swing my morning mood.

I really hope she change her mind about getting up in the morning to get ready to school. She is doing okay once she is in the car, even once she reached in front of the school she began to sing happily, and as a mom.. who is not upset kan bila early morning she was crying malas malas tanak pegi school and now she sing like nothing happen, and at the end i myself salahkan diri sendiri sebab kena jadi garang pagi pagi.

School is fun sayang.. so do getting up every morning 🙂 It is all about training. You'll get used to it. One fine day 💋

Mami mirah.

The lunch plan

Well. This is what happen bila dah nak setahun lama nya tak masak.

Dapur pun lama dah tak berasap,

Oleh kerana rajin tetiba harini maka saya pun memasak la

Dua lauk jadi pilihan

Kari ikan merah

Sotong sambal

Sadly my kari ikan merah macam tak berapa nak jadi but still boleh di makan haha

Apapun I had my lunch,

Petang ni belom pikir apa nak makan. Perhaps next try kena buat betul2 baru boleh post gambar kat sini kan 😂

Mami mirah

Sunday, April 23, 2017

April 2017


the last time I am saying that I will be back was 2015.

phew~ that's super ancient!

but yes anyhow. I hope I really making it this time

to really come back

ni pun siap tak tau cemana nak post entry baru LOL

so far life has been really good to me, Alhamdulillah!

kalau nak cerita peristiwa dah dua tahun lepas memang susah nak track but I try my best to put some note about what I have been thru these year and perhaps dari this year ada la rentetan kisah dari previous years betul tak...gitu

reason sebenar rindukan taip taip ni sebab saya tengah google resepi


rasanya dah almost setahun dapur rumah tak berasap so I guess I make a start for that first heee

korang masa apa harini eh?

till then,

mami mirah