Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Ocean Houz Bangi

last Monday (8th May 2017)

after I got back from work

we decided to have dinner at one place we kept seeing but never success to try

it was Ocean Houz


go google this place to find out

we had our seafood (some fresh and some frozen)

had our dinner there and rating the food

overall.. I would give this restaurant 2.5 stars out of 5


I just don't really fancy the sauce, not all but most of the recommended sauce was not really meant for me I guess

the frozen seafood was no longer tasty , not sure why but I guess it must be overcooked or it's just been kept for too long

I would say that butter lemon sauce for my udang galah was the best among all sauce I had there

tapi jangan salah faham tau

kadang kadang selera kita tak sama

tekak kan lain lain

so siapa yang dah kesini dan rasa sedap ikan bakar and the shell out , it might be just perfect for you :)

siapa nak cuba jangan lupa google Ocean Houz Bangi

mami mirah

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