Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Meal Plan


Harini sudah khamis, I feel sooo good haha! 

Harini I want to share about meal plan. This is not my meal plan but this is Sophia meal plan at her school 

You know... every day when I fetch her from school and I asked her .. so what do you had for lunch at school and she keep answering me it's 🍗 chicken and rice 🍚 

Honestly I am okay with the answer but I really want to know is it really everyday you had chicken and rice ?? 😏

So what I did? I text her teacher and asked her Sophia meal plan. and I received it! And guess what? Memang she ate chicken and rice! Everday! Cuma bezanya she doesn't know to tell me that today it's soy sauce chicken ami... yesterday was chicken soup 🤣🤣🤣 

Will paste her meal plan later because I use my phone and the image wasn't link with my phone (don't ask me why,I just don't know) haha 

I got it now. Sometime, just trust your kids says, they always telling you the truth! Haha 

Mami Mirah